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Graduate Studies Funding

Graduate Student Support Fund

Student Professional Development: Research & Travel

The Graduate Student Support Fund will advance scholarship and support the research and professional development of matriculated graduate students. Students can apply for a maximum of $600 for costs associated with research, a maximum of $500 for presentation at peer-reviewed conferences and a maximum of $300 for conference attendance. The application is attached.

Research & Travel Fund Application

Student Engagement, Professional Development, Academic Support & Outreach Programming/Events

Student Support Fund Application

The Graduate Student Support Fund will build RIC's graduate student community and support our graduate students in four distinct areas; Student Engagement and Events; Professional Development; Academic Support; Outreach.  The fund will be administered by Marissa Weiss, Interim Associate Dean of Students and the Office of Graduate Studies.  Here are some ideas of the events and activities in each category.

Student Engagement & Events

  • Graduate Student Senate
  • Emergency Needs Grant
  • Officer stipends
  • Graduate student organization funding
  • Sponsored programs
  • Graduate Student Appreciation Week

Professional Development

  • Community of Practice events
  • Graduate Research and Development Funds
  • Officer stipends
  • Graduate Student Journal
  • Workshops or a Workshop Series (IRB, Career Development, publishing, designing conference posters)

Academic Support

  • Week-long writing camp for graduate students
  • Departmental Lending Library Support
  • Poster printer and supplies
  • Fall orientation


  • Alumni Networking
  • Recruitment (Graduate Fairs, Graduate Studies Open House)
  • Marketing & Promotion​​​​​

Faculty of Arts and Sciences

The Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences has a small fund for undergraduate and graduate research. Graduate students should contact their program director for more information.

Feinstein School of Education and Human Development (FSHED)

The Feinstein School of Education and Human Development (FSHED) offers financial support for the professional development of graduate students in two ways:

  1. FACULTY/STUDENT COLLABORATION GRANTS: This program is designed to encourage FSEHD faculty members to involve students in their research activities. A student-collaborator must be a full time undergraduate or a matriculated graduate student enrolled in one of FSEHD programs. A minimum of three awards are made during each academic year with no award exceeding $1000 for the year. The funds are to be spent on student stipends only. The rate can be negotiated directly between the faculty member and the student; the recommended rates are $10/hour for undergraduate and $15/hour for a graduate student. The focus of the student work must have a clear learning benefit to students. A public presentation of the results by both collaborators and a response to a brief survey is expected.
  2. CONFERENCE ATTENDANCE/PRESENTATION: FSEHD also covers the cost of travel and registration for graduate students to present at local, state, regional and national conferences. Last year, all presentations were in collaboration with a faculty member.

Graduate students should contact their professors for more information about both opportunities.

URI/RIC Ph.D. Program in Education

The purpose of the Alan Shawn Feinstein Fund for the URI/RIC Ph.D. Program in Education is to advance student scholarship. In keeping with that purpose, $5,000 is released annually for Feinstein Fellows to subsidize conference travel. These are the parameters:

  1. Students may apply for up to $500 to present at a conference.
  2. Students may apply for up to $150 to attend a conference.
  3. Students are limited to receiving a total of $500 for the 2017-18 school year.
  4. Students who obtain funding for conference presentations will be asked to present at the RIC Graduate Studies Symposium in spring 2018​.

For more information, please contact Janet Johnson, co-director of the Ph.D. Program in Education.

School of Business

The School of Business ​does not have significant funds for graduate student research but is supportive, when possible, of professional development activities that are available locally. Graduate students should see their program director for more information.

School of Nursing

In The School of Nursing, the Dean’s Development Fund, comprised of contributions from alumni and friends of the School of Nursing, supports graduate student research. The Dean’s Fund sponsors student and faculty presentations at national and international meetings, webinars on current issues in nursing education and leadership symposiums. Graduate students should contact Kara Misto for more information.

School of Social Work

The School of Social Work has a small fund, mostly contributions from SSW alumni, for student-related needs such as research and attendance at conferences. Graduate students should contact their SE 644 or 645 instructor or contact the Dean directly.​​​

Page last updated: December 27, 2018