Pre-School | 2014-2015

Our Preschool is for children who are three or four years old no later than 15 August of the year of admission. Three year olds must be "potty trained."

For each child you would like to be conisdered for admission to Henry Barnard Laboratory School, you will need to complete a single application, which will serve for all levels within the school, from preschool through fifth grade.

For children entering preschool as three-year-olds in fall of 2014 or 2015, applications are considered in the order received but only after the child is born. (Sorry, but we cannot accept applications any earlier than that.)

Children who will be entering preschool as three-year-olds in 2016, or as four-year-olds in 2017, and all those who follow, will have their application entered into the lottery to determine whether or not they will be screened for preschool. Date of application will have no impact on preschool admissions after Fall, 2015.

To download an Application for Admission in PDF format, click here

For an application in MSWord format, click here

Download the newest version of Adobe Reader.

Tuition rates vary by grade. For the 2014-2015 academic year, the in-state rates are:

  • Full time Preschool tuition: $13,080
  • Part time Preschool (an option for three year olds only): $10,490
  • Kindergarten tuition: $9990
  • Grades 1-5 tuition: $9820

Out of state tuition rates are 50% higher than in-state rates, but current HBS learners are "grandfathered" at in-state rates.

Our Academic Year Calendar is released in late spring for the coming year. Here is the 2013-2014 calendar.

The school day is from 8:00am through 2:20pm, and the Preschool program is a full-day, five day per week program.

Most of our preschool students proceed to our kindergarten program.

If you have any other questions or would like to make an appointment to visit our school, please contact:

Mr. Haven Starr
Assistant Principal