Program Learning Goals

Health Care Administration students will:

Develop an in-depth understanding of the health care industry.


  • Understand  health care industry structure, organizations, and service delivery
  • Understand population health in terms of societal wellness, disease, and medical care
  • Understand the roles of politics, policy, law, regulation, and ethics in today’s health care industry

Develop core knowledge and skills that provide the foundation for future health care administrators and leaders.


  • Demonstrate oral and written communication skills important to health care leaders
  • Demonstrate mathematical and quantification skills enabling health care administration
  • Develop the capacity for problem solving and decision making

Gain conceptual and technical competencies in health care administration


  • Demonstrate a mastery of core business theories, functions and skills
  • Demonstrate a mastery of business skills and techniques as applied to health care management

Leverage practical educational experiences.


  • Demonstrate the ability to work in teams, both as leaders and as followers
  • Build relationships, work with, and learn with local and regional organizations and professionals

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