B.S. in Health Care Administration

Course Requirements

Course No. Course Title Credits
ACCT 201Principles of Accounting I: Financial 3
CIS 251Computers in Management3
ECON 214Principles of Microeconomics3
FIN 230Personal Finance3
FIN 301Managerial Finance and Control4
HCA 461Seminar in Strategic Health Care Management3
HCA 467Internship in Health Care Administration3
MGT 301Foundations of Management3
MGT 320Human Resource Management3
MGT 322Organizational Behavior3
MGT 355Quality Assurance3
MKT 301Introduction to Marketing3
NURS 201Introduction to Health Care Systems3
NURS 302Health Care Organizations3
NURS 303Health Policy and Contemporary Issues3
NURS 401Ethical and Legal Issues in Health Care Management3
Three courses from
(It is recommended that the three courses be taken from the same category, but courses may be selected from multiple categories)


GRTL 314Health and Aging4
NURS 314Health and Aging4
SOC 217Aging and Society (*)4
SOC 320Law and the Elderly3

Human Resource Management

MGT 423Compensation and Benefits Administration3
MGT 424Employee Relations and Performance Appraisal3
MGT 425Recruitment and Selection3
MGT 428Human Resource Development3


CIS 352Management Information Systems3
CIS 440Issues in Computer Security3
CIS 455Database Programming3
NURS 402Health Care Informatics3

Management Foundations

ACCT 202Principles of Accounting II: Managerial3
MGT 349Service Operations Management3
MKT 334Consumer Behavior3
POL 301Foundations of Public Administration4


ANTH 309Medical Anthropology4
HED 406Advanced Issues and Concerns in Community and Public Health3
PSYC 424Health Psychology4
SOC 314The Sociology of Health and Illness3


BIOL 103Human Biology3
BIOL 108Basic Principles of Biology (**)4
COMM 330Interpersonal Communication4
ENGL 230Writing for Professional Settings4
MATH 177Quantitative Business Analysis I (***)4
MATH 240Statistical Methods I (***)4
PSYC 221Research Methods I: Foundations4
*Fulfills the Social and Behavioral Sciences category of General Education
**Fulfills the Natural Science category of General Education
***Fulfills the Mathematics category of General Education
Note: Up to 11 credit hours may simultaneously fulfill General Education requirements.

Total Credit Hours


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