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Program Goals

Students will:

  1. Develop and execute needs assessment strategies, including data collection, to effectively measure health and wellness status of individuals and groups.
  2. Demonstrate functional knowledge critical to community health education, wellness, and health promotion programs.
  3. Design and implement individual and/or community health and wellness programs based on theoretical frameworks, needs assessment results and best practices.
  4. Design and deliver community health and wellness programs that address health equity.
  5. Develop an evaluation plan for community health and wellness programs.

Graduates of the BS in Community Health and Wellness will be able to:

  • Critically evaluate health disparities among various populations, including individuals with disabilities, while identifying strategies to address challenges that impact quality of life and access to health services.
  • Acquire an understanding of the current trends, challenges and critical issues, including cultural competency, necessary for development of innovate and effective health promotion solutions.
  • Master the specific tools, skills and best practices, including educational strategies that lead to adoption of healthful behaviors, required for their chosen concentration.
  • Utilize critical reasoning to interpret current scientific research and make evidence based decisions.
  • Assume responsibilities contingent with entry level positions in the field of community health, health promotion and wellness.
  • Be able to pursue admission into advanced degree programs.
  • Demonstrate leadership and contribute to the field of community health, health promotion and wellness by developing strategies and reinforcing organizational structures that lead to community health education and health promotion goals.​

Page last updated: May 05, 2016