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School Nurse Teacher Certification in Rhode Island


The Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) is no longer doing transcript review for School Nurse Teacher (SNT) certification. To meet the requirements to earn this certification, RIDE recommends that you complete a Credential Review Pathway (CRP) through Rhode Island College, a Credential Review Consortium Institution (CRCI). The most common set of requirements recommended to successful applicants is an 8-class sequence of courses, all of which are available through RIC’s graduate studies program. Students who are interested in earning a Master’s of Education in addition to the SNT certification should contact Dr. England-Kennedy, the coordinator of the School Nurse Teacher Certification Pathway program, in the Department of Health and Physical Education at for further information.

The RIC credentialing pathway allows prospective and current school nurse teachers who have a bachelor of sciences degree, have exhibited and continue to exhibit academic excellence (a minimum GPA of 3.0), and “extensive teaching experience” in the desired certification area to achieve certification by working with Rhode Island College's Feinstein School of Education and Human Development. “Extensive teaching experience” is a full semester of supervised student teaching in the desired certification area (if you are a recent graduate) or 270+ days of full-time daily or long-term substitute teaching in the desired certification area. Work experience in a non-classroom SNT position or as a teacher’s assistant does not count. You need to be fully in charge of the class to meet this requirement. The RIC CRP course plan includes supervised student teaching that meets certification requirements for student teaching.
Alternatively, you can complete the full requirements to earn certification in a state with which Rhode Island has certificate reciprocity and contact RIDE to complete the reciprocity paperwork after you have completed all requirements for that state.


Certification requirements are met by taking the following set of courses:

HPE 500: Introduction to Health Education and Health Promotion; offered in fall semesters
HPE 503: Health Education Pedagogy; offered in spring semesters
HPE 504: Application of Health Content; offered in fall semesters
HPE 531: Methods and Procedures for School Nurse Teachers; offered in spring semesters
CEP 532: Theories and Methods of Counseling; offered in fall, spring, and sometimes summer semesters
CEP 552: Psychological Perspectives on Learning and Teaching; offered in fall and sometimes summer semesters
SPED 531: Universal Design for Educating All Students; offered in fall, spring, and sometimes summer semesters
and either
FNED 502: Social Issues in Education; offered in fall, spring, and sometimes summer semesters (recommended)
FNED 546: Foundations of Education; offered in fall or spring semesters

After completing all required courses, students must take the PRAXIS exam in order to meet RIDE requirements in order to complete all RI requirements for certification. Student teaching requirements will be met through the classes listed above.

HPE 500, 503, and 504 should be taken in this (i.e., numerical) order, as the content of each course builds upon the content of the previous course. It is recommended that students begin with HPE 500 in the first fall of their enrollment in the Certification Pathway, and that they complete HPE 531 after completing the other three HPE courses. Students are eligible to enroll in other courses, such as the CEP, SPED, or FNED courses before  enrolling in HPE 500.

Currently, one section of SPED 531 is offered in Summer exclusively for students in the Special Education (SPED) Masters Program. However, if this section fills, a second will be opened during the first week of classes that is open to all students. Students who are interested should contact the Special Education Department Secretary during the first week of the term or check for course availability through MyRIC.

Applying to the Certification Pathway

If you have RI School Nurse Teacher Preliminary certification and need to renew your certification or do not yet have the preliminary certification but would like to begin working toward becoming a Certified School Nurse Teacher through RIC, you will need to start the CRP process.

To determine whether RIC CRP is the best pathway for you to achieve the desired certification, click on the following URL:

You will be directed to a link to a Google Form survey called "RIC CRP Potential Application Overview” and instructions for gathering information and documents needed for the survey. No fee is assessed at this time.

We will email our recommendation for the recommended pathway to certification to you shortly after receiving your survey response – typically within one week. If you are recommended for RIC CRP as a pathway to certification, Dr. Kniseley will send you a URL to the FULL online application, along with instructions and other useful information. The process of assessing the FULL online application with documentation can take up to 14 weeks after we receive a completed FULL online application and $150 application fee. The online application will require you to upload official transcripts, along with a copy of your nurse’s license and the following forms:

Work Experience as a Registered Nurse Verifi​cation Form:

Work Experience Verification Form:

You will need to create a separate .pdf document for each transcript and form that you will upload. You do not need to complete the application in full at one time; you will be able to save your work and return to the application at a later time. If you are accepted, you will receive a Plan of Study and other recommendations from the CRP office. If you are not, you will receive an explanation of the requirements you will need to meet in order for you to qualify.

RIC CRP receives FULL online applications with documentation throughout the year. The process of assessing the online application with documentation can take up to 14 weeks after the date the online application is fully completed and the $150 fee has been received.

RIC Faculty CRP assessors are not expected to assess applications during the summer (May 15 - late August). Applications submitted between April 15 - June 3 may not be assessed until September 8. If you are applying for the re-issuance of an expert residency preliminary certificate (emergency certificate) and are required by RIDE to submit a CRP Status Form and Plan of Study as evidence of enrollment, we advise that you submit your CRP application materials and $150 fee no later than February 6 to prepare for the August 31 deadline. The Status Form and Plan of Study should be assessed by May 15.

For Further Information

For more information, email Dr. MacGregor Kniseley, Liaison, RIC CRP, at and/or Dr. Elizabeth England-Kennedy, Assistant Professor in the Department of Health and Physical Education, at You can also leave a message at (401) 456-9787, but email may receive a quicker response.

For further information on the All-Grades SNT Certificate (11508) Pre-Kindergarten – Grade 12, see also​

Page last updated: May 21, 2018