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The mission of Rhode Island College Health Services is to provide confidential and holistic primary health care to enhance the academic potential of our students. Each student encounter is an opportunity to educate about prevention and risk reduction to promote life-long healthy choices. Health Services is committed to providing high quality, accessible and cost effective services in a non-judgmental atmosphere that values diversity and respects individuality.



The following information has been provided by the RI Department of Health regarding a newly approved vaccine recommended for college students:

Serogroup B Meningococcal (MenB) Vaccine​

A MenB vaccine called Bexsero is now available in Rhode Island. The vaccine protects against meningococcal disease. Meningococcal disease is a serious illness caused by a type of bacteria called Neisseria meningitidis. It can lead to meningitis (infection of the lining of the brain and spinal cord) and bacteremia or septicemia (infections of the blood).

There are at least 12 types of Neisseria meningitidis, called “serogroups.” Serogroups A, B, C, W, and Y cause most meningococcal disease. Serogroup B meningococcal (MenB) vaccine can help prevent meningococcal disease caused by serogroup B. The other meningococcal vaccine your child may have received or will be receiving helps to protect against serogroups A, C, W, and Y.

The MenB vaccine may be administered to adolescents and young adults aged 16–23 years to provide short-term protection against most strains of serogroup B meningococcal disease. The preferred age for MenB vaccination is 16–18 years. It is a 2-dose vaccine series given at least one month apart.

MenB vaccine is not currently required for school or college entry in Rhode Island, however, serogroup B has been responsible for meningitis outbreaks here and in other parts of the country, so colleges and universities may revisit these policies in the future.

The vaccine is covered by all health insurance and healthcare providers enrolled in the state supplied vaccine program are eligible to order the vaccine through the state. If you have any questions about the vaccine, please talk with your healthcare provider.

Please be aware that there is another MenB vaccine called Trumenba. If a person has already started the MenB series with Trumenba, they must continue with Trumenba and the same applies with Bexsero. Bexsero and Trumemba cannot be interchanged. Rhode Island will make Trumenba available to healthcare providers as needed for these situations after July 1, 2016.

Vaccine Information Statement

The Vaccine Information Statement which provides additional information can be found at:

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