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Maggie Sullivan

Human Resources Staff

(401) 456-8216
(401) 456-8717 (fax)


 Building #6
 East Campus
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Applicants that have
questions or require
assistance with their on-
line application please
email us at or
call our office during
business hours at
(401) 456-8216

Human Resources

Roberts Hall

COVID-19 Daily Screenings

View important information for those reporting to work.

Teleworking Program

View information about the State of Rhode Island Teleworking Policy, forms and FAQs.

Important Announcement from Human Resources

Dear Rhode Island College Campus Community,

The Office of Human Resources will continue to remain open for business during the COVID-19 emergency period. Some staff are moving to teleworking on a limited basis.  

Beginning Monday, March 23, 2020, however, all personal visits to HR are by appointment only.  Please contact the following individuals as needed.

HR Representatives and general areas of responsibility include but are not limited to the following:

Maggie Sullivan, Director of HR, 456-8442 - Areas of responsibility include:  HR operations and systems including related policies/procedures and compliance matters, Labor matters, ADA accommodations, Recruitment and employment matters, Position and compensation equity matters, Staff performance, behavioral, conflict and disciplinary matters, Visa Issues, Non-discriminatory complaints

Supported by Sandra Langlois, HR Assistant, 456-9880 - All non-classified Applicant Tracking (PeopleAdmin) questions and issues; Visa questions, appointments/meeting scheduling for Director.

Beth Cabana, Manager of 456-9841 - Areas of responsibility include: Non-classified position and compensation issues, Benefit matters for all groups including Tuition Waivers, Extended leave management for all groups, Exit interviews.  Processing of all non-classified retirees. Review all requests for loans, in-service withdrawals and rollovers for all voluntary retirement plans.

Supported by Susanne Senra, HR Assistant, 456-8444- All non-classified CS-3’s, new hires, addresses, other transactions.

Matt Hicks, Manager of HR, 456-8446 - Areas of responsibility include: Classified recruitment, position and compensation matters, Classified labor matters, On-boarding and training for all groups, Performance evaluation management

Supported by Fran Asels, Personnel Aid, 456-8443 - All Classified CS-3’s, transfers, classification updates, ERS forms, unemployment claims and verification of employment for classified employees.

Janine Tegu, Manager of HR, 456-8762 - Areas of responsibility include: Non-classified recruitment and position management, Classified postings, Worker compensation insurance management for all groups, Unemployment Claims management, HR data management;  verification of employment for faculty, non-classified staff (PSA/NUNC); adjuncts and monthly contracts.

Supported by Christine Davis, HRIS Coordinator, 456-8217 - All HR related PeopleSoft reports, peoplesoft data needs.

Supported by Danielle Silva, HR Assistant, 456-4759 - All PeopleAdmin postings, Worker’s Comp claims, monthly contract questions and processing.

Page last updated: January 12, 2021