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Emergency Teleworking/Leave Procedures

UPDATE: April 17, 2020


RIC will temporarily follow the State of Rhode Island’s Teleworking Policy. Where telework is a viable work option and approval is granted in accordance with the Teleworking Policy, an employee may temporarily work from home.


NOTICE: On April 11th, the Families First Coronavirus Response Act Policy (FFCRA) was issued and as such replaced and revoked the Family Responsibilities and Sick Leave temporary measure that went into effect on March 23rd. Any requests that were approved prior to the issuance of the FFCRA will be honored, but as of April 11th new requests under the temporary sick leave measure will not be considered.

NEW TEMPORARY RULE regarding use of sick time: Effective Monday, March 23, employees who have a necessity to be out of work due to family responsibilities (including caring for children due to the closure of a school or childcare facility) and who are unable to telework may request to discharge up to 20 days of accrued sick leave in addition to any other available leave accruals. This is a temporary measure to provide employees with more flexibility in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Employees continue to be required to obtain supervisor and HR approval to discharge leave for this purpose.

While this temporary measure is in effect, HR will not require a physician’s certificate or medical documentation as part of the request to discharge such sick time, and employees do not need to discharge other annual leave accruals first. However, under all other circumstances the following rules remain in effect. 

  • Employees out of work due to a mandatory quarantine period as a result of traveling on work-related business are eligible for paid administrative leave.

  • Non-work-related exposure resulting in mandatory quarantine will be covered by available leave options including:

Sick leave
Family Sick Leave
Annual leave (vacation)
Personal Days
Compensatory time
Leave without pay
Medical leave without pay  

  • Employees that are sick and exhaust all available accrued time may request advance sick time in accordance with applicable personnel policy or bargaining agreement rules

  • Employees that exhaust all accrued time and advance sick time, may wish to explore sick bank options.

  • Employees that have been advised to self-quarantine and a telework arrangement is not an option, may discharge accrued vacation, compensatory time, and personal time or take a leave without pay.  All such situations must be discussed with the employee’s immediate supervisor and the Director of HR before they can be approved.


  • In the event of any office closures, essential employees who are scheduled to work are expected to report to work unless otherwise excused.  Essential employees will vary depending on the time of year and the operation they serve. Your supervisor will notify you if you are an essential employee.
  • If a case of COVID-19 is reported in the RIC community, additional guidance will be provided regarding leave procedures for people who contract COVID-19 or are exposed to the virus.

If you have additional question regarding teleworking or leave options please contact:

Leaves: Matt Hicks – X8446 or Beth Cabana - X9841
Teleworking: Maggie Sullivan - X8442

Page last updated: April 17, 2020