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Principals and Presidents

Dana Pond Colburn
Principal, 1854~1859
Joshua Kendall
Principal, 1860~1864
James Carruthers Greenough
Principal, 1871~1883
Thomas J. Morgan
Principal, 1883~1888
George Abner Littlefield
Principal, 1889~1892
William E. Wilson
Principal, 1892~1898
Fred Gowing
Principal, 1898~1901
Charles Sumner Chapin
Principal, 1901~1907
John Lincoln Alger
Principal and President, 1908~1938
Lucius Albert Whipple
President, 1939~1950
William Clement Gaige
President, 1952~1966
Joseph Frank Kauffman
President, 1968~1973
Charles Borromeo Willard
President, 1973~1977
David Emery Sweet
President, 1977~1984
Carol Joan Guardo
President, 1986~1989
John Nazarian
President, 1990~2008
Nancy Carriuolo

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