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What Are INGOS?

Discover the World

Are you interested in how the world works? Do you want to enhance your college degree? Are you looking for an exciting and meaningful job? Does international travel appeal to you? Whether you want to build your résumé or broaden your horizons, the International Nongovernmental Organizations Studies (INGOS) Program at Rhode Island College is for you.

What Are INGOS?

An international nongovernmental organization (or INGO) is an association of individuals that are independent of any government and work in more than one country. They are nonprofit and focus on social change and advocacy. Examples include Amnesty International, Doctors without Borders, and Greenpeace.

What Is the INGOS Program?

The INGOS Program will introduce you to nongovernmental organizations and explore the many ways that these important organizations are shaping the world.

We'll develop your understanding of global issues, expose you to career choices in the international arena, and facilitate professional opportunities through internships with INGOs both in New England and around the world.

The program offers two tracks: a certificate and a minor. Both tracks are open to students in all majors, including political science, modern languages, social work, business, nursing, and communication.​

Page last updated: November 25, 2015