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Submitting an Application

CITI Training

Before submitting your application, investigators must have completed the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) program. The PI is responsible for ensuring that study personnel who work with human participants data have current CITI training certification. Certification must be renewed every 5 years. If this is your first time using CITI, register at their website and select Rhode Island College as your affiliation. You will then be able to select the coursework to complete. The required training module must be one of the following from Question 1, as appropriate for the research in this application: (a) Biomedical Research Investigator, (b) Social & Behavioral Research Investigator, (c) IRB Members, (d) Students conducting no more than minimal risk, or (e) Research with data or laboratory specimens only. Access the CITI program here:

Submitting Your Protocol

Protocols must be submitted online using the TOPAZ system. See attached documents on how best to use TOPAZ. Once the protocol has been submitted, please plan on the reviews taking a minimum of 3 weeks, and plan accordingly. Reviews that require revisions or that require review by the full board will take longer.

Access TOPAZ here:

Creating Your Consent Materials

Please use the examples below to ensure that your consent materials meet the federal standards for required information. It is important to use these as a guide and to make sure that you develop your consent using the template.

Examples of consents are available below in Spanish (Latin America) and Portuguese (European) to use as guides when translating your IRB documents. Please note, these are just examples and when translating your documents you should think of your specific audience and documents should be translated by a native language speaker or a certified translator.

Page last updated: August 18, 2020