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Short Reports

The Short Reports focus on activities and research on campus having to do with matters affecting teaching and learning.

NECIT at Rhode Island College

Carol R. Shelton

Education is under scrutiny in our communities. Headlines herald the low achievement level of our students at almost every level. This winter (3/7/05), the Providence Journal reported data from a national education research organization that outlined the low graduation percentage rates of students who arrive as freshmen at Rhode Island College but who after six years, fail to graduate (Jordan, 2005). This spring, The New York Times began a series of articles with the theme "Class Matters," focusing on the influence of class on American life. One story explored the relationship of socio-economic class to retention among college students from working class backgrounds (Leonhardt, 2005). The article suggested that working class students were much more likely to drop out of college than their middle class counterparts.

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NECIT at Rhode Island College

Page last updated: July 19, 2016