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Collaborative Initiatives

Campus and Community Collaborations

Collaborators are campus and/or community colleagues who have engaged in a mutual initiative.

Achieving Together: The Central Falls/Rhode Island College Innovation Lab

Rhode Island College and the Central Falls School District are partners in Achieving Together: The Central Falls/Rhode Island College Innovation Lab (the Innovation Lab). This unique, first-in-the-nation collaboration has the potential to provide a PK-12 and post-secondary urban education model that offers a new paradigm for state and national replication. Learning for Life is involved with the Innovation Lab/Campus Connect through the efforts of Educational Support Facilitator, LaTanya Monteiro. LaTanya works with Dr. Julie Horwitz, Innovation Lab Coordinator, and Denise Debarros from the Central Falls School District. Campus Connect allows the Central Falls community, students, staff and families, to take advantage of countless opportunities to visit campus, including using the biology labs, touring the campus, interacting with college faculty and staff, and classroom observations at RIC. Students and staff have begun to build relationships to bridge the gap between high school and college. Two L4L staff members serve on the Innovation Lab Planning Council.

RIC Center for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity (CRCA)

Rhode Island College, through a grant from the Davis Foundation, has founded The Center for Research and Creative Activity (CRCA) to broaden participation of students and faculty in the high-impact practice of mentored undergraduate research and creative activity. Davis Educational Foundation awarded grant funding for a 3-year start up, with the college committed to sustaining CRCA over the long term. Dr. Breea Govenar, Associate Professor in Biology, was named CRCA’s first faculty director on June 1, 2015. The goals of the CRCA are to 1) increase visibility and access to existing opportunities, 2) provide resources and support through programming and partnerships on and off campus, and 3) adapt and develop best practices for cultivating a campus culture inclusive of research and creative activity. L4L is working with CRCA to build on the Navigator model of support to develop a CRCA Navigator to expand opportunities for students to engage in undergraduate research and creative activity. L4L’s Project Director serves on the Executive and Steering Committees for CRCA.

Finish Strong​

Finish Strong is Rhode Island College’s targeted degree completion effort begun in Academic Affairs - Enrollment Management Unit (EMU) in 2011 with August graduates who were 9 credits or fewer from graduating. Learning for Life partnered with the EMU to expand this degree completion program to reach out to former RIC students – especially those who earned 75 or more credits before they left the college. Finish Strong involves a resource team of staff members from multiple offices, led by Dr. Holly Shadoian, Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs - Enrollment Management Unit. By being a collaboration of different offices across campus, Finish Strong works to support students in their efforts to be readmitted to the college, no matter the obstacles that caused them to leave. These offices include Bursars, Financial Aid, Learning for Life, Office of Student Information Services (OASIS), along with academic departments on an as needed basis. Learning for Life staff serve as the first point of contact and coordinating partner for students seeking to return to RIC.

Institute for Early Childhood Teaching and Learning (IECTL)

Rhode Island College, in collaboration with the Rhode Island Department of Education, has designed the Institute for Early Childhood Teaching and Learning to provide opportunities and pathways for individuals currently working in the field of early childhood education to complete their bachelor’s degree in one of two areas of study: Early Childhood Learning (PreK-2 certification) or Early Childhood Education Concentration Birth-5. The institute is collaborating with Rhode Island College’s Learning for Life and Office of Academic Support and Information Services (OASIS) to provide one-on-one or small group sessions to prepare students for the Praxis/CORE exam. Social and emotional supports are provided by a Learning for Life Navigator and Ed. Facilitator at non-traditional times to ensure accessibility for all students.

Growing Initiatives

A. L. L. I. E. D.- the Advanced Learning and Leadership Initiative for Educational Diversity

Replicating a model course for college success that builds community and peer support, in collaboration with Dr. Lesley Bogad, who founded ALLIED

Career Development Peer Mentors Network

Developing a network of Peer Mentors to reach out to students about Career Development events, services, and resources, as well as developing a Career Development Navigator position as a gateway to CDC programs and services, in partnership with the Career Development Center

Case Management Support for Students with Long-term Mental Health Needs

Exploring community-based case management options for students with chronic and persistent mental illness, with the School of Social Work, the Counseling Center, and the Disability Services Center

Comprehensive Learning Evaluations

Providing Comprehensive Learning Evaluations as well as coaching to improve working memory and executive functioning for students, in collaboration with Disability Services Center and the Counseling, Educational Leadership and School Psychology Department

Financial Life Management Student Website

Sponsoring the development of a website devoted to the financial needs of students, created by students in the School of Management

On-the-Spot Campus Resources

Hosting outreach opportunities to bring campus services to students through an On the Spot portal in the campus center, in collaboration with the Student Union

Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention

Working with the Counseling Center, the Gender and Women’s Studies Program and the School of Social Work to support and further campus efforts to raise awareness and expand the campus network of support

STEM Navigator Pilot Project

Piloting an application of the Navigator model of student support within the STEM disciplines through training STEM Peers under the guidance and direction of STEM faculty, piloted by Dr. Breea Governor and Dr. Carol Giuriceo, Director of the RI STEM Center, with Peers trained through the Office of Academic Support and Information Services (OASIS)​​​​​​

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