Why did Rhode Island College decide to partner with Microsoft for student email?
Our partnership with Microsoft brings many benefits to RIC students at no cost to the College including:

  • a 10 GB mailbox on Outlook Live
  • 25 GB of free file storage
  • Document sharing & editing through Office Web Apps
  • Instant messaging, and video chat

Is a Live@RIC account the same thing as a Live@edu account?
Yes, your Live@RIC account is a full-featured Windows Live@edu account.

Will faculty and staff email move to Live@edu?
Faculty and staff email accounts have not changed; they are hosted locally on the RIC campus. There are no plans to move faculty and staff email to Live@edu. Faculty/staff accounts will be upgraded to Exchange 2010 in 2011.

What is my email address?
Your email address has changed to username@email.ric.edu, where username is the same as your existing RIC username.

How do I log into my new email account?
Sign onto your new account at http://www.ric.edu/goliveatric. Enter the same RIC username and password that you used to log into your @ric.edu email account. You no longer have to place RIC-ACAD\ before your username.

I am forwarding my RIC mail to another account. Will my forwarding rule still work after March 21, 2011?
Your forwarding rule will no longer function since all mail will be relayed to your @email.ric.edu account.

Can I forward my Live@RIC email?
Yes, Adobe PDFclick here for instructions.

I set up my email on my mobile phone. Should I change my account settings?
Yes, your settings must be changed since you have a new account. See http://www.ric.edu/liveatric/configuration.phpfor setup information for mobile phones.

Can I access my new email account with a POP or IMAP client on my laptop?
Yes, for specific information, visit Microsoft help at Outside Linkhttp://help.outlook.com/en-us/140/cc875899.aspx.

Will I keep my email account after I graduate from RIC?
Your student email account will remain active for three semesters after you graduate. We expect alumni accounts to become available in the future.

Can I sign into my Live@RIC account at Microsoft's Live@edu web site https://www.outlook.com?
Your Live@RIC account is a full-featured Windows Live account. However, in order to take advantage of Single Sign-On (one login) for your RIC accounts, you should sign onto Live@RIC at http://www.ric.edu/goliveatric with your RIC network username and current email password. To sign into Outlook.com and other Windows Live sites, you will need your Windows LiveID and your password.

What is my Windows Live ID?
Your Windows Live ID is the same as your new email address - username@email.ric.edu.

What is my Windows Live ID password?
The password for your Windows Live ID account is the same as the default for new student accounts at RIC (the three letters of your birth month in lowercase followed by the two digit day of your birth, followed by the last four digits of your social security number). Please change your password from the default as soon as possible.

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Page last updated: March 12, 2013