Mathematics Alumna

Melissa Costa

Position: Middle School Mathematics Teacher
Company Name: East Greenwich, RI School District
Industry Sector: Education

What She Does

Melissa is an eighth grade mathematics teacher for the East Greenwich School District. She teaches two sections of algebra and two sections of pre-algebra. Melissa acquired her job in May 2004, immediately after graduating from Rhode Island College

Math on the Job

I use math everyday for my job. It is essential to have a strong mathematical background when teaching middle school students so that one is prepared for any question that may arise. Aside from just teaching math, I am responsible for differentiating lessons, tasks, and assessments in order to meet the needs of each of my students. I must also be able to integrate math with other disciplines, such as social studies or English, which allows students at this age level to understand concepts better by seeing the connections and creating an interest in the topic for the students. I constantly stress the importance of mathematics in everyday life. I find applications that can relate to each topic that I teach so that students may see the relevance.


Melissa earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Secondary Education (Mathematics) and middle school endorsement from Rhode Island College in May 2004. Although all of the courses taken for her degree have prepared her for a math position at the middle school level, she feels History of Mathematics, Number Theory, Foundations of Geometry, and Statistics have been the most applicable to her career.

Advice for Students

  • If you have an interest in teaching mathematics, I strongly suggest becoming involved in tutoring early in your college career.
  • I would also advise taking classes outside mathematics to broaden your knowledge which offers more ways to integrate math with other disciplines.

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