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​McNair Advisory Board

​We are currently recruiting faculty and staff to serve on the McNair Advisory Board. If you are interested, please contact Maria Muccio, Director, Student Support Services,​.

Mission Statement: The advisory board for the Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program is a collaborative effort between Rhode Island College faculty, scholars, and administrators. Members provide advisement on project development and activities, in addition serve as program advocates and faculty mentors. The advisory board also provides expertise and advice to the Project Director and staff on program related matters both internal and external to the college that help our scholars achieve student success.​


  • Provide expertise and guidance to McNair Project and advise on the structure of the Summer Research Internship
  • Approve and advise on faculty or student budget requests for research-related supplies and travel funding
  • Serve as a potential McNair Faculty Mentor and provide assistance or guidance to scholars as needed
  • Ensure that the McNair Program aligns with institutional goals, the research interests of students, and the goals of academic departments at the college.
  • Advise on training topics for new faculty mentors for McNair Scholars
  • Assist with finding research opportunities for students who may not qualify for the McNair Scholars Program
  • Educate the RIC and wider community about the McNair Scholars Program
  • As needed:
    • Review McNair applications and make recommendations for scholar selection
    • Review Faculty mentor and scholar application submissions (timelines and research topics) for research projects​​​

Board Members:

  • AVP/Dean of Students
  • AVP Student Services
  • 3-4 Faculty Mentors​
  • 2-3 Staff Members
  • 2-3 McNair Scholars

Time Commitment:

  • 2-3 meeting per semester
    • *Fall reviewal of applications may require additional meetings*​

Page last updated: August 26, 2019