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McNair Scholar Benefits

McNair scholars are dedicated to exploring the unknow and recognize the power and value that their voice will bring. Research can be difficult but it can also reveal a scholar’s desire to challenge the worlds ideas and make space for new one.

McNair Scholars always keep their eye on the stars!

McNair Scholars commit to

  • Successful completion of the 1-year McNair Undergraduate Research Project 
  • Submit a complete Research project (20-30 pages)
  • Participate in three consecutive semesters of research (Spring, Summer, Fall)
  • Actively participate in McNair monthly programming
  • Attend Bi-weekly meeting with McNair Staff
  • Applying to minimum of 6-8 graduate programs (minimum of 2 Ph.D. Programs)
  • Develop a professional relationship with Faculty Mentor 

McNair Staff commit to 

  • Supporting scholars through their McNair Undergraduate Research Experience 
  • Support scholars in identifying research presentation opportunities
  • Individualized coaching for academic, research and graduate school process 
  • Providing professional development opportunity 
  • Funding to attend graduate school visits, application fee waivers, GRE fee wavier
  • A national community of McNair scholars, faculty, and staff invested in student success

McNair Research Phases


Research Proposal Writing
January – May
5 hours weekly

Scholars will develop research proposal under the supervision of your Faculty Mentor, as well as begin graduate school application process


Data Collection
10-20 hours weekly

Scholars will participate  in the McNair Summer Internship Program and begin the data collection process, attend Math and verbal course as well as prepare for graduate school applications


Final Write up/Conclusion
September – December 
2-5 hours weekly 

Scholars will analyze collected data and provide final write up discussing your finding. Scholars will apply to graduate school programs and present research at local and national conferences. 

Scholars can earn up to $2800 after completing all three phases
*Stipend disbursement for 2020-2021 McNair Academic year, is subject to change

Page last updated: June 29, 2020