Faculty Promotions and Tenure Announced

Eight Rhode Island College faculty members have been elevated to the rank of professor, and eight faculty members have been elevated to the rank of associate professor effective July 1, 2014.

In addition, nine RIC faculty members have been granted tenure.

In announcing the promotions and tenure appointments, RIC President Nancy Carriuolo said, "Members of our faculty exemplify the high standards of scholarship, research and citizenship that create a rigorous and supportive academic environment.”

Ron Pitt, vice president for academic affairs, said that those recognized with promotion and tenure are “excellent scholars and outstanding citizens of the college and the community.”

“Rhode Island College faculty are the head, heart and soul of the academic enterprise and provide the intellectual capital that make this college excellent,” Pitt said. “It is with tremendous pride that I assert that our faculty are unmatched in their scholarly achievement and in bringing value to the classroom.”

Faculty promoted to the rank of professor are: Susan Abbotson, English; Jeffrey Blais, Economics and Finance; Douglas Bosch, Art; Joanne Costello, Nursing; David Espinosa, History; Olga Juzyn, Modern Languages; Marie Lynch, Special Education; and Richard Whitten, Art.

Faculty promoted to the rank of associate professor are: Samuel Breene, Music, Theatre and Dance; Becky Caouette, English; Anita Duneer, English; Gregory Golden, History; Paul LaCava, Special Education; Cara McDermott-Fasy, Special Education; Corinne McKamey, Educational Studies; and Sanae Tashiro, Economics and Finance.

Effective July 1 of the year indicated, faculty granted tenure are: Samuel Breene (2014), Music, Theatre and Dance; Becky Caouette (2014), English; Anita Duneer (2014), English; Gregory Golden (2014), History; Paul LaCava (2014), Special Education; Cara McDermott-Fasy (2014), Special Education; Corinne McKamey (2014), Educational Studies; Sanae Tashiro (2014), Economics and Finance; and Lynda Thompson (2015), Henry Barnard School.