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Cynthia Padula

Yellow Cottage (B12) 208
(401) 456-9720

Academic Background

AD in Nursing, Rhode Island Junior College, 1972
BS in Nursing, Salve Regina College, 1978
MS in Nursing, Boston University, 1980
PhD in Family Studies and Gerontology, University of Ct., 1994

Courses Taught

NURS 501 Advanced Nursing Research
NURS 509 Professional Project Seminar
NURS 610 Adult/Gerontology Acute II Theory and Clinical
NURS 620 Adult/Gerontology Acute III Theory and Clinical


Padula, C. et al. (in press). Preventing respiratory device-related pressure ulcers. JWOCN.Brier, J.,…

Padula, C…. et al. (2015). Knowing ‘something is not right’ is beyond intuition. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 24 (5/6), 834-842.

Engvall, J., Padula, C. et al. (2014). Development of a nurse-driven evidence-based protocol. MedSurgNursing, June.

Watkins, N., Kennedy, M., Lee, N., O’Neill, M., Peavey, E., Ducharme, M., & Padula, C. (2012). Destination bedside. Using research findings to visualize optimal unit layouts and health information technology in support of bedside care. JONA, 42(5), 256-265.

Watkins, N., Kennedy, M., Ducharme, M., & Padula, C. (2011). Same handed and mirrored unit configurations. JONA, 41(6), 273-279.

Areas of Interest

Acute medical-surgical nursing; gerontology; evidence based practice; bedside clinical research; scholarly writing

Recent Scholarly Activity

Representative Publications (last five years)
Cuccio, L., Cerullo, E., Paradis, H., Padula, C. et al. (2012). An evidence-based oral care protocol to decrease ventilator associated pneumonia. Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing, 31(5), 301-308.

Filinson, R., Clark. P., Evans, J., Padula, C., & Willey, C. (2012). The brave new world of GEC Evaluation: the experience of the Rhode Island Geriatric Education Center.
Geront Geriatr Educ, 33(3), 253-271.

Ritz, J., Padula, C., & Pashnik, B. (2012). Effectiveness of two methods of chlorhexidine bathing on prevention and reduction in transmission of MRSA and VRE in hospitalized patients. Journal of Nursing Care Quality, 27 (2), 171-175.

Korber, S., Padula, C., Gray, J., & Powell, M. (2011). A breast navigator program: barriers, enhancers, and nursing interventions. Oncology Nursing Forum, 38(1), 44-50.

Padula, C., Disano, C., Ruggiero, C., Carpentier, M., Reppucci, M., Forloney, B., & Hughes, C. (2011). Impact of lower extremity strengthening exercises and mobility on fall rates in hospitalized adults. Journal of Nursing Care Quality, 26(3), 279-285.

Barrett, A., Korber, S., Piatek, C., & Padula, C. (2009). Lessons learned from a lateral violence and team building intervention. Nursing Administration Quarterly, 33(4), 342-351.

Padula, C., Baumhover, L., & Hughes, C. (2009). Impact of a nurse-driven mobility protocol on functional outcomes. Journal of Nursing Care Quality, 24(4), 325-33l.

Padula, C. & Yeaw, E. (2009). A nurse-coached IMT intervention for people with heart failure. Applied Nursing Research, 22 (1), 18-25.

Padula, C., Osborne, E. & Williams, J. (2008). Prevention and early detection of pressure ulcers in hospitalized patients. JWOCN, 35 (1), 66-75.

HRSA AENT (Advanced Education Nursing Traineeship) Grant (2010-2011; 2011-2012).

RI Geriatric Education Center award to RIC (Padula, PI) for subcontracting as part of HRSA grant (yearly since 2008).


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