Basic Baccalaureate Program

The Basic Baccalaureate Program integrates knowledge of the arts and sciences with nursing theory to provide a framework for professional practice. The program is designed to be completed in four years. The three major elements of the nursing curriculum are general education, cognate and required nursing courses.

Students must consult with their advisor each semester before registering for courses.

Course No. Course Title Credits
NURS 220Foundations of Therapeutic Interventions3
NURS 222Professional Nursing I3
NURS 223Fundamentals of Nursing Practice4
NURS 224Health Assessment3
NURS 225Introduction to Writing and Research in Nursing2
NURS 340Psychiatric / Mental Health Nursing6
NURS 342Adult Health Nursing I6
NURS 344Maternal Newborn Nursing6
NURS 346Nursing of Children and Families6
NURS 370Public and Community Health Nursing6
NURS 372Adult Health Nursing II6
NURS 374Contemporary Professional Nursing3
NURS 375Transition to Professional Nursing Practice6


BIOL 231Human Anatomy4
BIOL 335Human Physiology4
BIOL 348Microbiology4
CHEM 106General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry II4
PSYC 230Human Development4

Total Credit Hours


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