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Tutorial Services

Beginning on March 23 and continuing until the end of the semester, students needing tutorial support at Rhode Island College are directed to online help. The college provides the same commitment to dedicated help that will result in effective study habits, successful techniques for progress, and excellence in students' studies.

Online tutoring is available by logging in to WC Online. Use the QR Code below or type in the address to register for an account on that site. Then students should schedule their online tutoring appointment.

Tutors are available to help in the following subject areas as they have been doing all semester except that tutors are now meeting with students remotely. Students can find these subjects with their tutor names when they sign in to


***New support for students transitioning to online instruction is available under "Transitioning to Online Learning"***

ACT, SAT, Core Praxis I

Biology 111, 112, 231

CEP 215

Chemistry 105

Psyc 110

Psyc 115

Psyc 230

Soc 200, 202

SW 200


Biology 100, 108, 111, 112, 231, 213, 335

Chemistry 103, 104, 105, 106

French and Spanish 101, 102, 113

Physics 101, 102, 110

Physical Science 103



Free additional online tutorial services are offered to RIC undergraduate students.

Visit the Smart Thinking web page.

Page last updated: March 23, 2020