Glossary of College Terms

Advisor A faculty member assigned to you for guidance, help and advice.
Cognate A required course, taught by some other department.
Contact Hours The hours per week you attend class
Core A block of courses that all students must take as part of the General Education program.
Credit Hours (120 hours for a degree) - Each class earns a certain amount of credit hours. You receive one credit for every hour you spend in class during one week.
Credit / No Credit (Free Electives Only) Pass / Fail; not part of your grade point average.
Curriculum Represents the students' total program of study (ie: Education, Management , Liberal Arts, Social Work).
Double Counting One course satisfies two requirements. (The credit hours count only once).
Free Electives A course which does not fulfill any requirements, but is taken for enjoyment.
Full-Time Student A student who is taking 12 or more credits.
General Education Program A required Practitioner block of courses to broaden your general knowledge.
Grade Point Average The overall weighted average grade you have earned.
Major A field of study, under a professional sequence.
Minor (Not Required) - work in depth in some area other than your major.
Registration The formal process of getting classes and paying tuition.
Requirement A course that is part of a curriculum, major, teaching certification, or general education.
Sections Many sections may be offered for each class: different teachers, rooms, days, and / or hours, but the same class.
Track Work in depth within some specific area of your major.
Transcript The official permanent record of courses taken and grades. Never changed, except to correct errors.

Page last updated: July 25, 2011