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Mission Statement/Operating Principles and Values

Institutional Research & Planning Mission Statement

The Office of Institutional Research & Planning contributes to Rhode Island College’s mission by helping to ensure that decision-making, primarily at the senior level, is based on accurate, timely, appropriate, and usable information and analysis as well as carefully developed and executed processes. The office also fulfills the college’s external reporting requirements and interests. In carrying out these aims, the office has the following goals:

  • To serve as the official source of statistical and other factual information about Rhode Island College.
  • To take responsibility for ensuring that the college’s external reporting obligations and interests are effectively fulfilled.
  • To ensure effective use of surveys and other data collection tools.
  • To keep college informed of its external context.
  • To support assessment.
  • To support planning by effectively managing the college’s administrative policy process.
  • To support planning through leadership and assistance in other related areas.
  • To conduct research on issues of particular importance to the college.

Operating Principles/Values

The office’s work is guided by the following operating principles and values:

  • Accuracy: All data generated and disseminated by the office must, first and foremost, be accurate; the credibility of the office depends on the quality of the information it produces.
  • Customer service orientation: The office will strive to understand the needs of its clients and meet these needs as successfully as possible. Doing so often means helping clients to frame their questions more effectively and being realistic about a timeline for delivery, while making every effort to meet the client’s deadlines.
  • Clear understanding of priority: While the office works to meet the needs of individuals and units at all levels of the college, time and resources are limited. Therefore, it is necessary to prioritize our work. In general, the needs of the senior administration will take precedence over those of other clients.
  • Initiative: Whenever possible, the office will be proactive in identifying research and data needs for the senior administration rather than waiting to be asked.
  • Realistic perspective: While the office has ambitious goals and every intention of meeting these goals successfully, it will be realistic about what it can accomplish, given scarce time and resources. In addition, the office will be realistic about the limitations of the data and analysis it generates.
  • Analytical approach: The office will ensure that all data presented to the college’s senior administration is accompanied by a clear and concise analysis that identifies the most important “story” the information tells.
  • Action orientation: Although not all analyses will lead to direct action, the office strives to help its clients understand, when appropriate, how they can act upon the research that Institutional Research & Planning generates.​

Page last updated: April 21, 2016