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Math Placement

It is very important that students begin their college mathematics coursework at the appropriate level.  All students will take a mathematics placement exam at New Student Orientation to match them with the mathematics course that will give them the greatest opportunity for success. 

What is the placement exam?
RIC uses the Accuplacer exam, a College Board product.  The exam will be timed for 55 minutes and use of a calculator will not be permitted. 

Do all students have to take the placement exam?
Yes, regardless of courses taken in high school and standardized test scores. 

Should I prepare for the placement exam?
Yes!  It is extremely important that you prepare for the placement exam.  There is a free web-based study app available at Outside Link  The following are practice tests for each section, provided by College Board:  Adobe PDFArithmetic, Adobe PDFElementary Algebra, Adobe PDFCollege Level Math

What material will be on the exam?
Students will begin the exam in the Elementary Algebra portion of the exam.  If they achieve a score of at least 57, they will take the College Level Math portion of the exam.  If they do not achieve a score of at least 57 in the Elementary Algebra, they will take the Arithmetic portion of the exam. 

How will I know which course to take?


* Math course that satisfies the general education mathematics requirement.

Is there a minimum requirement?
Yes.  In addition to placing into the proper mathematics course, students must meet the College’s Math Competency Requirement.

If you earned a score of 480 or greater on the math SAT or an ACT math score of 20 or greater, then you have already met the Math Competency Requirement.

If you have not already met the Math Competency Requirement with SAT/ACT scores, you can do so by

  • scoring at least a 57 in the Elementary Algebra portion of the Accuplacer.
  • scoring at least a 107 with your Arithmetic + Elementary Algebra portions of the Accuplacer.
  • earning a passing grade in the non-credited Math 010: Pre-Algebra course.

This requirement must be fulfilled before completing 15 credits at the college or you will be placed on academic probation.

If I don’t meet the minimum requirement, will I be set back?
Not necessarily.  During the second summer session, RIC offers Math 010 free of charge to all incoming students (Math Fast Track).  If you earn a satisfactory grade in the course, you can register for courses that require the Math Competency Requirement as a pre-requisite.

Are there non-math courses that require the Math Competency Requirement as a pre-requisite?
Yes.  Aside from all college level math courses, students cannot register for Biology, Chemistry, and some business courses until they meet the Math Competency Requirement.

How long will it take to receive my results?
You will know your scores immediately.  At the end of your testing session you will print your results.  They will be automatically added to your MyRIC account so you will be ready to register for classes on day two of your orientation session.

In high school I received testing accommodations, am I able to use them for the placement test?
Yes.  To request reasonable testing accommodations for a disability or medical condition, please contact the Rhode Island College Disability Services Center at 401-456-2776. You will be asked to provide documentation of your disability and the specific Orientation dates you are attending. ​​​​

Page last updated: April 26, 2017