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Compliance & Committees

Here you will find information on, and links to, college and federally-mandated research compliance committees. Compliance committee jurisdiction applies to all faculty and student research under their purview, whether the research is to be funded or not.

Roles and Responsibilities During Work With Compliance Committees

Principal Investigator (PI)

  • Consult appropriate compliance committees for guidance and (if deemed necessary) receive approval or exemption for research prior to its taking place. The three main compliance committees are listed by category in the sub-navigation menu to the left of this page.
  • May not self-determine exemption from committee review and/or engage in research without committee approval or exemption unless the research does not fall under the broad definitions of eligible research as defined by federal guidance and committee rules.
  • Abide by committee decisions unless an appeal system is in place and a successful appeal has resulted.

Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)

  • Supports the work of compliance committees on campus. OSP​ does not directly engage in committee work.
  • Abides by compliance committee decisions.

Compliance Committees (IRB, IACUC, IBC)

  • Each compliance committee linked from this page is mandated by the college and relevant federal agency to oversee and review research that occurs within its purview.
  • Reviews are required to maintain compliance with the federal government and to protect the well-being of research participants, the PI and the college.

Proceed to the sub-sections listed in the left-side navigation of the page to learn more about specific compliance committees.

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Page last updated: October 13, 2017