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Funding Opportunities

Seeking external funding is a collaborative process that includes OSP and, in some cases, Rhode Island College Foundation (RICF).

Roles and Responsibilities When Seeking Funds

PI (Principal Investigator)

  • Discuss your proposal/project idea with your Chair or Dean. Consider logistical and cost sharing requirements of your project, including course release, facilities, equipment, technology and other needs, as well as ongoing support they require.
  • Begin the search for sponsors using f​unding search tools and information from colleagues, collaborations and conferences/journals.
  • Notify OSP or RICF of potential grant deadlines as early as possible. Proposals must be submitted through one of these offices, as determined by the nature of your project​. The appropriate office must be notified of your intent to meet a grant deadline to ensure a timely submission.
  • Institutional approval is required for ALL funding proposals, whether submitted through OSP or RICF.

OSP (Office of Sponsored Programs​)

  • Research, identify, and inform faculty of potential funding opportunities in areas of institutional priority and faculty expertise. Sponsors may be public agencies or private foundations.
  • Support faculty in identifying potential funding and securing institutional approval. Assist in program development, as appropriate.
  • Build relationships with other academic institutions and external agencies to expand RIC's opportunities for collaborative research and program funding.
  • Remain knowledgeable of public and private funding trends to help faculty take advantage of new areas of opportunity.
  • Collaborate with RICF wherever possible to expand funding opportunities from a full range of sources.
  • Submit grant applications with an academic focus when a RIC-associated faculty/staff member(s) identified as the PI(s) is conducting research, implementing a program, and/or undertaking a specific project with deliverables. The project supported by funding generally has a term.​​​​​

Page last updated: October 13, 2017