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Grant Award Management

Managing a grant award is known as the "post-award" phase. Upon receiving a notice of grant award or contract, OSP transitions fiscal management of the project to the Grant Accounting Office, which continues to work with the PI.

Post-Award Roles and Responsibilities

Principal Investigator (PI)

  • Responsible for operating the newly-funded program in accordance with sponsor and college rules.
  • Budget management includes: managing and monitoring the budget, spending award funds appropriately and in conformance with college and sponsor regulations, and contacting support offices with questions or concerns.
  • Project management includes responsibility for program operation and oversight, ensuring that project activities and timelines are carried out as proposed, and that all technical and programmatic reports are submitted per sponsor requirements.
  • Confirms with OSP that the PI and any NSF or NIH-funded student researchers have completed CITI training in the Responsible Conduct of Research, in conformance with agency requirements.
  • Become knowledgeable of, and use, all college support offices.
  • When a grant is not awarded: secures reviewer's comments and shares them with OSP; informs OSP if the proposal will be resubmitted or other funding sought.

Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)

  • Establishes the account from which the PI spends award funds.
  • Announces receipt of the grant award and creation of the award account to Grant Accounting and other support offices so all systems are in place for spending funds.
  • Provides PI with specific information to be used with the grant budget guide (located on the Forms & Templates page).​
  • Assists PIs with formal sponsor requests such as budget modifications and extensions - please see the budget modifications page for more information.
  • Maintains copies of project reports and other relevant documents.
  • When a grant is not awarded: archives reviewer's comments, works with PI (and others as appropriate) to facilitate proposal resubmission and/or identify alternative funding sources.

Grant Accounting

  • Provides information on all post-award questions.
  • Approves award expenditures and distributes payroll charges to grant accounts.
  • Maintains all financial records of the project, in conformance with college and sponsor regulations.
  • Conducts financial reporting and invoicing to the sponsor in conformance with sponsor and college regulations and policies.
  • Oversees annual indirect cost redistribution.

Please refer to sub-sections listed in the left-side navigation of the page to learn more about specific components of award management. ​​​

Page last updated: October 11, 2017