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Campus Spotlight

Keri Rossi-D'entremont

Ms. Rossi-D’entremont in her office.

Keri Rossi-D’entremont, who completed both her graduate and undergraduate degrees at RIC, has worked at the college for over 10 years. Ms. Rossi-D’entremont started her RIC career at the Sherlock Center on Disabilities as a Recruitment Coordinator. In July of 2012 she assumed a new role as RIC’s Director of Disability Services, joining the enrollment management unit within the Division of Academic Affairs.

Ms. Rossi-D’entremont is a first time Principal Investigator for the Self-Advocates in Learning, or SAIL project, funded by the Learning Disabilities Foundation of America. SAIL is a collaborative effort between the Disability Services Center, Learning for Life, and Dr. Elizabeth Holtzman-Gibbons from the Counseling Educational Leadership and School Psychology Department.

“SAIL aspires to empower students with learning and attention disabilities to succeed at RIC.” says Rossi-D’entremont. The program focuses on three goals: 1) Helping students become effective self-advocates who understand their rights and responsibilities in a postsecondary environment through focus groups, workshops, and online curriculum modules; 2) Providing students with no-cost Comprehensive Learning Assessments, coaching, and individualized learning plans within a formal Learning Clinic model ; 3) Expanding modern assistive technology and auxiliary aid offerings to students.

Ms. Rossi-D’entremont emphasized that SAIL is an innovative program at RIC in that it provides students with individualized assessment and coaching, grounded in evidence-based practices, from highly qualified practitioners within the field of learning disabilities. The aspect of SAIL that appeals most to Ms. Rossi-D’entremont is that it allows her to work closely with students to encourage them “to develop a deep self-awareness about their own learning and give them the tools, resources, and services to help them reach their highest academic potential at RIC.”

“Support has been received from the Learning Disabilities Foundation of America however, the opinions expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Foundation.”​

Page last updated: October 06, 2017