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Campus Spotlights

Beverly Goldfield

Dr. Beverly Goldfield, Professor of Psychology, works with students Melissa Marcotte, Tabitha Newman, and Lauren Whittle to study early language development.

Kalina Brabeck

Dr. Kalina Brabeck is working with two students on a project that focuses on Latino immigrant families and studies how the legal status of a U.S.-born child’s parent affects the child.

Chin Hin Leung

Dr. Leung worked with three undergraduate students to synthesize molecules that are known to bind to DNA through a process using Phosphonium salt for new desirable properties.

Jenifer Giroux

Jenifer Giroux makes a difference in the lives of struggling Rhode Islanders through her work at the Outreach Programs.

John C. Williams

Dr. Williams and his students, through an INBRE grant, are able to work on various experiments using microwave synthesis.

Jamie Towle-Weicksel

Dr. Jamie Towle-Weicksel, Assistant Professor of Chemistry in the Physical Sciences department, is currently working on a research project called DNA Polymerase Theta and its Potential Role in Cancer.

Keri Rossi-D'entremont

Keri Rossi-D’entremont is working on a project called Self Advocates in Learning (SAIL), which aims to help students at RIC become self-advocates of their own learning.

Mikaila Arthur and Francis Leazes

Dr. Mikaila Arthur, Associate Professor in Sociology, and Dr. Francis Leazes, Professor in Political Science, have joined together on a research project sponsored by The Collaborative to explore the following policy question: What is Higher Education’s Role in Shaping the Workforce in Rhode Island?

Peter Little

Dr. Peter Little, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, is working on an international social science research project in West Africa.

Geoffrey Stilwell

Dr. Geoffrey Stilwell’s research focuses on Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), a devastating neurodegenerative disease.

Medini Padmanabhan

Dr. Medini Padmanabhan, Assistant Professor of Physics in the Physical Sciences Department, is currently working on low-cost, large-area, carbon-based electronic devices. The material of choice is graphene, a single-atomic layer of carbon atoms​.​​

Page last updated: October 06, 2017