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How can parents view a student’s E-Bill (electronic bill from the Bursar’s Office)? 
A person other than the student may have the ability to view the E-Bill as an authorized user.
The student needs to:

  • Log into MyRIC account.
  • Click on Campus Finances > Make a payment > add NEW Parent (bottom left next to Parent Pins)
  • Assign your parent a username and password as directed
  • Authorized users who provide an email address will also be sent E-Bill notifications

For more information, contact the Bursar’s Office.

What types of payment does the college accept?
The Rhode Island College bursar office accepts cash and checks. The bursar office does not accept credit cards.
Payment by cash may only be made in person at the Bursar's Office, Building 4, East Ca​mpus.
Payment by credit card can only be made online. A convenience fee of 2.75 percent will be added to each credit card transaction. American Express, MasterCard, and Discover are accepted.
Payment by electronic check may only be made online.. There is no fee for electronic check processing.
Payment by check will be accepted in person at the Bursar's Office or by mail.
Click here to read all bursar office payment options.

How will a student be refunded if the student overpaid their account?
The bursar office automatically reviews each student's tuition account and generates refunds each week. The refund checks are available on Monday afternoons. Beginning with the Fall 2009 semester, student refunds will be issued electronically utilizing the RIC Funds Card through our refunding processor HigherONE. Additional information about this process may be found at the following link:RIC Disbursements.

How can parents get permission to view a​ student’s educational record? 
In accordance with FERPA, parents and other third parties need a student’s permission to access the student’s educational record, including grades.  Parents often express concern about their student’s academic progress. We urge parents to establish open communication with their student. Students who wish to release grades or other information to their parents complete a Adobe PDF Release of Educational Record Form and submit it to the Records Office.

We already have health insurance coverage for our student.  How do we waive the coverage provided by the College?
A private insurance company administers a low-cost Student Health and Accident Insurance Policy for Rhode Island College students. The administrator for the policy is Outside Link University Health Plans, Inc. A copy of the brochure may be found through their website. The preferred provider group is the PHCS Provider Network (a division of MultiPlan) and the participating pharmacy network is Catamaran; for R.I. provider locations, please visit Outside Link Outside Link and for participating pharmacies visit Outside
All undergraduate degree students pre-registered for 9 or more credits are automatically billed for the insurance. Students may opt to waive this coverage if they have comparable coverage. Procedures to waive the insurance are available through the Outside Link University Health Plans, Inc website, Outside Link
FAILURE TO COMPLETE the on-line Waiver Form by the deadline (mid-September for the Fall and mid-February for the Spring – see RIC Health Services for current deadlines) will result in your mandatory purchase of the College's Student Insurance Plan, without the possibility of later waiver, refund or cancellation.
International students are required to carry insurance and are automatically enrolled in the College's insurance plan, and may not waive it.
Part-time, non-degree, and graduate students enrolled in a minimum of six (6) credits hours may enroll in the Rhode Island College Student Health Insurance Plan on a voluntary basis. To purchase coverage, you may enroll on-line at Outside Link and click on "Rhode Island College", where you will be given the prompt "Enroll".
All students are strongly encouraged to carry medical insurance to cover unexpected emergencies and illnesses and to prevent disruption of educational goals due to catastrophic financial burdens.
 For more information on the College's Health Services, please see the Outside Link department's website.

Can a student use Health Services even if they do not carry the student health insurance?
Any student, undergraduate or graduate, living in the residence halls or a commuter, may use Health Services, regardless of insurance status.

Is there a charge for services?
There is no charge for on-site exams and lab tests completed in Health Services. If additional lab testing or x-rays are needed, the student’s insurance company will be billed by the outside agency performing the tests.

Can a student obtain immunizations from Health Services?
Once an individual becomes a student on campus the student may obtain vaccines through Health Services.   Additional information about cost and availability of vaccines can be obtained by calling Health Services at 456-8055. Tuberculosis (TB) testing for nursing students and student teachers is available by appointment at no cost.

Why has Health Services blocked our student from registering for classes?
If there is an immunization block on a student’s registration, the student has not supplied Health Services with immunization information required by the Rhode Island Department of Health for full-time students in colleges and universities. Call Health Services at 456-8055 for assistance in meeting these requirements.

How does a student make an appointment with the Counseling Center?
The Center is normally open between 8:30am and 4:30pm (8am to 4pm during summer hours). To arrange an appointment for counseling, the student can phone 456-8094, or stop by the Counseling Center, Craig Lee 130. Usually the student will be able to meet with one of our counselors within a few days. In an emergency, we will arrange to see the student immediately. Services, again, are free of charge. Because e-mail is not a secure medium of communication, we do not communicate with students via e-mail and strongly recommend that students NOT use e-mail to contact us.

What tutoring and academic support programs are available to our student?
RIC offers a variety of learning support programs to assist students in their academic endeavors.  These programs include: the Math Learning Center, Tutoring, SmartThinking Online Tutoring, the Writing Center, and the Outside Link Student Athlete Success Center.

My student is experiencing specific challenges in working toward a degree (transportation issues, pregnant/parenting, first language other than English, incarceration, need to work more than 20 hours/week, and other situations).  Is there a program that can assist my student in overcoming these barriers to graduation?
Learning for Life (L4L) is a research-based, multi-faceted community and college partnership that links students to a network of services, supports and opportunities. This collaborative work fortifies students for college success and removes any challenges that they may encounter in keeping college a central priority in their lives.

What is the procedure for students with disabilities to obtain accommodations at Rhode Island College?
Once accepted to the College, students with disabilities who want to request reasonable accommodations MUST contact and make an appointment with the Disability Services Center. The process of registering as a student with a disability includes three elements in order to be considered complete:

  • Students are required to make an appointment to meet with the Disability Services Center, Craig Lee, Room 127, 456-2776.
  • A Release of Information form must be signed by the student allowing the Disability Services Center to verify registration and eligibility for accommodations.
  • Documentation of the disability must be provided from a qualified licensed professional. Please see the Disability Verification Documentation section of this website for specific documentation requirements organized by type of disability.

What kind of accommodations can a student with a disability receive at Rhode Island College?
Accommodations are based directly on current documentation of the disability and the need for the requested accommodation.  For examples of the more common accommodations offered, please see the Accommodations (/disabilityservices/pages/accommodations.aspx) section of this website.

What student organizations (groups or clubs) are offered at RIC? How can my student get involved?
There are more than 70 different student organizations at the College, giving students the opportunity to make connections with other students according to social interests, academic major, cultural background, special interests/hobbies, and professional development.  A current listing of student organizations can be found on the Student Activities website, as well as information on upcoming events, leadership development programs, Greek Life, and community service opportunities. 
Most groups and clubs meet regularly at a consistent time and place – typically during the College’s Free Period, which is Wednesdays, 12:30pm-2pm. At the beginning of the semester, the annual Campus Activities Day is held on the Quad and gives students the opportunity to meet representatives from many of the student organizations.  Students can contact these groups directly or they can contact Student Activities in Student Union 408 or at 401-456-8034 to find out how to reach any of the many groups and clubs on campus.

Why should my student get involved?
There are many benefits to getting involved on campus. Students will meet new people, make friends, learn valuable skills, expand their horizons, and enrich their College experience.​​

Page last updated: April 03, 2017