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The PEP Experience​

We asked students what their PEP experience meant for them. Current and past PEP students shared their experience and reflections about the program.

“I feel like PEP gave me an advantage at RIC. There is a lot of support in this office, someone is always willing to help and ask how you are doing. I feel at home and like I belong here.” PEP student since 2015

“PEP has been a big contribution to my personal growth. PEP has helped me in my professional development, I was able to take on a leadership role as a tutor and working with the students helped me to develop and understand students more.” PEP student since 2015

“PEP is supportive. You can find the support you need here. I find PEP just as help as the advisor that I meet with to lift my hold. I feel comfortable here. I can use the resources that are offered. I feel welcomed and appreciated, like I can be myself and I do not have to fit into a box.” PEP student since 2016

Page last updated: November 23, 2018