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Tomoji Shogenji

Gaige Hall 228
(401) 456-8012
(401) 456-9743

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Academic Background

B.A., University of Tokyo
M.A., University of Tokyo
Ph.D., University of Southern California

Courses Taught

FYS 100: Self, Mind, Heart in Eastern Philosophies
PHIL 200: Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 220: Logic and Probability in Scientific Reasoning
PHIL 305: Intermediate Logic
PHIL 311: Knowledge and Truth
PHIL 320: Philosophy of Science
PHIL 330: Metaphysics
PHIL 333: Philosophy of Mind


Philosophy of Science

Selected Publications

"Confirmation, Transitivity, and Moore: The Screening-Off Approach" (with William Roche), Philosophical Studies 168 (2014).

“Dwindling Confirmation” (with William Roche), Philosophy of Science 81 (2014). "Internalism and Externalism in Meliorative Epistemology," Erkenntnis 76 (2012).

“The Degree of Epistemic Justification and the Conjunction Fallacy,” Synthese 184 (2012).

“A Defense of Reductionism about Testimonial Justification of Beliefs,” Noûs 40 (2006).

“Justification by Coherence from Scratch,” Philosophical Studies 125 (2005).

“A Condition for Transitivity in Probabilistic Support,” British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 54 (2003),

“The Role of Coherence in Epistemic Justification," Australasian Journal of Philosophy 79 (2001)

“Self-Dependent Justification without Circularity,” British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 51 (2000)

“Is Coherence Truth Conducive?” Analysis 59 (1999) ​​​​​

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