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Matt Duncan

Gaige Hall 226
(401) 456-8485

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Academic Background

Ph.D. Philosophy, University of Virginia (Adviser: Trenton Merricks)
M.A. Philosophy, Georgia State University
B.S. Philosophy and Psychology, Westmont College

Courses Taught

First Year Seminar: Philosophy of Mind and Mental Disorder
First Year Seminar: Self-Knowledge
PHIL 263: The Idea of God
PHIL 311: Knowledge and Truth
PHIL 330: Metaphysics
PHIL 333: Philosophy of Mind
PHIL 359: Frege, Russell, Wittgenstein, and Analytic Philosophy


Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology

Selected Publications

"Propositions Are Not Simple," Philosophy and Phenomenological Research (forthcoming).

"Two Russellian Arguments for Acquaintance,' Australasian Journal of Philosophy (forthcoming).

"Dualists Needn't Be Anti-Criterialists (Nor Should They Be)," Philosophical Studies (forthcoming).

"What It's Like To Have a Cognitive Home," European Journal of Philosophy (forthcoming).

"I Think, Therefore I Persist," Australasian Journal of Philosophy 93, 4 (2015): 740-756.

"We Are Acquainted With Ourselves," Philosophical Studies 172, 9 (2015): 2,531-2,549.

"A Challenge to Anti-Criterialism," Erkenntnis 79, 2 (2014): 283-296.

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