Strategic Plan Executive Summary

The Rhode Island College Strategic Plan - Plan 150 - was developed to facilitate the achievement of the following important elements of the College's vision:
  1. That the College will be recognized for its excellence as a teaching institution, where faculty scholars continually inspire students to expand their minds, meet new levels of intellectual challenges, and thoughtfully prepare for life after college
  2. For its importance as an intellectual, cultural, social, and economic resource for the State
  3. For its character as an open, caring community in which there is demonstrated value for diversity, civility, and the principles of American democracy and civic engagement
  4. For its success in the identification, recruitment, enrollment, and degree attainment of both traditional and non-traditional students, in both on- and off-campus settings
Elements of the plan were organized to demonstrate attention to the following five priorities that have been established for the Rhode Island system of higher education:
  1. P-16 collaboration to improve the preparation of Rhode Island residents for success in higher education
  2. Improvement of Rhode Island college/university participation and graduation rates
  3. Production of a more competitive workforce through emphasis on quality education
  4. Promotion of economic development and social well-being through graduate education, research, public service, and use of technology
In serving to address the above vision elements and priorities, Plan 150 is comprised of 28 objectives and almost 100 strategic actions that will be addressed during the period of 2004-2007. These elements are all organized around the following five goals to which the College will commit resources and energy over the next three years:
  1. Ensure high-quality learning experiences for all students
  2. Underscore the value of research and public service, particularly emphasizing that which contributes to the improvement of the State's economic base and/or to the improvement of Rhode Island's quality of life indicators
  3. Recruit, enroll, retain, and graduate a diverse cadre of qualified students
  4. Provide an inviting environment and well-organized, efficient, high-quality services to students and external constituents who make use of College programs and facilities
  5. Ensure a continuing resource-base that allows the College to offer excellent programs at an affordable cost

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