Goal 4

Provide an inviting environment and well-organized, efficient, high-quality services to students and external constituents who make use of College programs and facilities.

Objective 4.1

Develop a five-year plan for the purchase of new instructional equipment and/or for critical instructional equipment replacement.
(Vice President for Administration and Finance)
  • Strategic Action 4.1 - Complete the inventory of equipment that is used to support instruction. Establish replacement cycles for types of equipment and their estimated replacement costs.
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Objective 4.2

Construct an additional residence hall that is designed to meet the needs of upper-level students.
(Vice President for Student Affairs)
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Objective 4.3

Continue campus developments identified in the Master Plan, especially projects that improve/expand parking and those that improve the safety/appearance of campus.
(Vice President for Administration and Finance)
  • Strategic Action 4.3.1 - Develop plans to enhance and improve the Donovan Dining Center loading area and adjacent parking areas by providing a wider turning radius for trailer trucks, improved sight distances, and more orderly parking and delivery adjacent to Horace Mann Hall.
  • Strategic Action 4.3.2 - Continue to upgrade and modernize existing parking lots throughout campus, including: lighting, landscaping, handicap parking, security (blue) phones and security cameras. Complete Parking lots H & I during summer of 2004. Design parking lot K during fall of 2004, for construction during summer of 2005. Continue to phase-in major lots on a yearly basis.
  • Strategic Action 4.3.3 - Identify development of new aesthetically pleasing parking areas throughout campus, with lighting, landscaping, handicap access, good sight distance and security cameras. Improve pedestrian safety at crosswalks throughout campus.
  • Strategic Action 4.3.4 - Enhance campus signage to improve image and sense of identity, to be more welcoming to new visitors, to provide appropriate directions, to identify buildings clearly, to provide emergency identification code numbers to buildings, and to identify handicapped access in a clear manner.
  • Strategic Action 4.3.5 - Continue Capital Improvement Program efforts to obtain funding for New Residence Hall, Hennessey Street Service Area Entrance, a new Art Center facility, Building 2 and 3 on the East Campus and landscape development of "oval" between the East and Main campus.
  • Strategic Action 4.3.6 - Update 1999 Campus Master Plan.
  • Strategic Action 4.3.7 - Consider establishing privately generated campus beautification fund in the Rhode Island College Foundation.
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Objective 4.4

Reestablish on-going professional staff development programs that focus on knowledge and skills necessary to serve students and the general public in a friendly and efficient manner.
(Vice President for Administration and Finance)
  • Strategic Action 4.4 - Revitalize the "Creating New Service Agenda" program established at Rhode Island College in 1999 to focus on knowledge and skills necessary to serve students, the College community, and the general public in a friendly and efficient manner with the following modifications: (1) develop faculty-taught component for faculty participants only; (2) investigate consortium of RI colleges and universities to help defray costs; (3) explore grant funding; and (4) call for mandatory participation.
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Objective 4.5

Ensure continued attention to rehabilitation of the physical plant.
(Vice President for Administration and Finance)
  • Strategic Action 4.5.1 - Continue development and update of yearly prioritized asset protection requirements of the campus focusing on: infrastructure modernization; health, safety and security improvements; handicapped access; modernization of learning environment; and aesthetic improvements to facilities and grounds.
  • Strategic Action 4.5.2 - Improve the asset protection project selection process by incorporating building occupants in the development of the annual plans.
  • Strategic Action 4.5.3 - Undertake comprehensive evaluation of campus-wide infrastructure (fire protection systems, sewers, water lines, steam condensate lines, roads, curbs, electrical systems, main steam/power plant, etc) in order to help in prioritizing yearly asset protection projects.
  • Strategic Action 4.5.4 - Undertake a comprehensive conditions survey of all campus facilities in order to help in setting priorities for asset protection project needs.
  • Strategic Action 4.5.5 - Undertake a comprehensive update of ADA facility and or plant requirements for entire campus. Coordinate needs with ADA grant availability and Asset Protection Plan.
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Objective 4.6

Expand the use and sophistication of technology for teaching, learning, and administrative support.
(Vice President for Administration and Finance)
  • Strategic Action 4.6.1 - Develop a standard design for electronic classrooms and instructional labs (e.g., equipment, furniture and layout) to provide consistent and effective learning environments supported by technology.
  • Strategic Action 4.6.2 - Expand training for faculty and staff in the use of software applications, to include standard office programs, WebCT, multimedia and graphics, and instructional design.
  • Strategic Action 4.6.3 - Increase the collaboration and communication between the Office of Instructional Technology and Training and the Departmental Technology Liaisons to improve the efficiency and use of instructional technology in the delivery of instruction.
  • Strategic Action 4.6.4 - Review the PeopleSoft business processes. With major upgrades to the PeopleSoft administrative systems in place (web-based versions 8.x implemented in FY03), review the business processes supported by PeopleSoft to increase efficiencies and improve the quality of service.
  • Strategic Action 4.6.5 - Develop a data warehouse to support institutional research and analytic reporting.
  • Strategic Action 4.6.6 - Develop a web-based calendaring system for the College's web site to provide accurate and timely notice of campus events.
  • Strategic Action 4.6.7 - Upgrade the College's network infrastructure to improve security, reliability, and speed, and to provide a sound base for the development of wireless network access.
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