Goal 5

Ensure a continuing resource-base that allows the College to offer excellent programs at an affordable cost.

Objective 5.1

Build on the successes of the current Capital Campaign by continuing the aggressive identification, cultivation, and solicitation of gifts.
(Vice President for Development and College Relations)
  • Strategic Action 5.1.1 - Revisit the staffing pattern for the Division with a particular focus on Development, Alumni Affairs and the Foundation. Explore adding one or more positions from each of the following groups: Director of Development, Major Gift Officer, Planned Giving Officer, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations; Director of Donor Relations/Cultivation, Director of Data Management and Information for Development and Alumni Affairs.
  • Strategic Action 5.1.2 - Evaluate the current in-house information system for development and alumni affairs, and make a decision during the academic year, 2004 as to whether to implement the PeopleSoft version of donor relations or another system.
  • Strategic Action 5.1.3 - Explore combining the News and Public Relations function with Publications, and possibly the management of the web site to promote a consistent image for the College.
  • Strategic Action 5.1.4 - Complete the reorganization of the Office Services unit to continue the conversion to digital technology for printing and duplication.
  • Strategic Action 5.1.5 - Explore ways to increase the number of applications for federal and state funds and corporate and foundation support.
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Objective 5.2

Review campus operations to determine savings opportunities.
(Vice President for Administration and Finance)
  • Strategic Action 5.2.1 - Organize staff meetings for each Vice Presidential area to gather input on savings opportunities.
  • Strategic Action 5.2.2 - Incorporate selected savings plans into long-range financial plan.
  • Strategic Action 5.2.3 - Establish a committee to investigate and recommend policies, procedures, and/or incentives that will generate new income.
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