Jayson Spas

Horace Mann Hall (HM) 312
(401) 456-8418
(401) 456-8015

Academic Background

  • University of Connecticut, BA

  • University of Rhode Island, PhD, MS

  • Alpert Medical School of Brown University, Postdoctoral Fellow

Teaching Areas

Research Methods: Applied Clinical; Abnormal Psychology; and Psychological Testing

Selected Publications

Spas, J., Paiva, A.L, Prochaska, J.O., Rossi, J.S., Yin, H. (2015). Coprogression: Simultaneous intervention for smoking, diet and sun protection. Translational Behavioral Medicine. (accepted with revisions).

Spas, J., Malloy, T.E., Rossi, J.S., & Paiva, A.L. (in press). Dynamic baseline variables predict treatment outcomes for addiction generally, and smoking in particular. Journal of Addiction Research and Therapy.

Spas, J., Paiva, A.L, Prochaska, J.O., Rossi, J.S., Yin, H. (2013, March). Multiple health behavior change using the transtheoretical model. Presentation at the 34th annual meeting & scientific sessions of the Society of Behavioral Medicine, San Francisco, CA.

Spas, J., Ramsey, S., Paiva, A.L., Stein, L.A.R. (2012). All might have won, but not all have the prize: Optimal treatment for substance abuse among adolescents with conduct problems. Substance Abuse: Research and Treatment, 6, 141-155. doi: 10.4137/SART.S10389. PMCID:PMC3498967.

Newman, B., Newman, P., Griffen, S., O'Connor, K., Spas, J. (2007). The relationship of social support to depressive symptoms during the transition to high school. Adolescence, 42, 441-459. PMID18047232.

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