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Voter Registration

The Higher Education Act Amendments of 1998 requires Rhode Island College to make a good faith effort to make voter registration forms widely available to you.

Unfortunately, the United States has the lowest voter participation rate of all of the major democracies in the world-- less than half of eligible citizens voted in the last election, but studies consistently show that registering voters is the key to increasing turnout. It is important that you exercise your right to vote.

Please click the link below to connect with the Federal Election Commission, National Mail Voter Registration information. If you want to register to vote, click on the State name and review voter eligibility requirements. Some states including Rhode Island do not currently accept computer printout copies of the voter registration forms. You will have to contact the State Election official at the address listed at the bottom of the state instructions page.

Voter Registration

Click here to register to vote in upcoming elections. ​

Page last updated: February 05, 2018