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Residence Hall Councils (RHC)

Each residence hall has an individual Hall Council composed of an Executive Board and a Suite/Floor Representative from each area in the hall, who are voted in at the beginning of the academic year. Every Suite/Floor Representative is responsible for conducting business and organizing activities with other members. Funds for each Hall Council are provided from the hall dues that the residents pay each year.

The councils are actively involved in handling residents' concerns, hall elections, programs and activities.

The following Hall Councils meet at the times and locations listed below:​

Hall Day Time Location
Browne Hall Mondays 8pm Browne Hall Upper-Lounge
Penfield Hall Monday 8pm Penfield Hall Lounge
Sweet Hall Mondays 8pm Sweet Hall Lounge
Thorp Hall Mondays 8pm Thorp Hall Lounge
Weber Hall Mondays 8pm Weber Hall Lounge
Willard Hall Mondays 8pm Willard Hall Rec. Room​​

Page last updated: March 28, 2017