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First Memories Project

As part of Rhode Island College's Sesquicentennial observance, "First Memories" of Rhode Island College are being collected. These efforts began in May 2002, in anticipation of the upcoming celebration, and will continue to be collected through 2004.

We encourage you to share your first memory (not the best, not the worst ... just the first!) with us - You may write us c/o Kathryn Sasso, Building # 10, Rhode Island College, Providence, RI 02908 or, for your convenience, e-mail us at the following address:

Entries must include your name and your relationship to the College (i.e. Faculty, Retired Staff, Class of 1945, etc.). As best you can, give us the date of your memory.

Here is a sample of memories already collected:

Selections from our Collected Memories

1937 I remember dropping a tray in the cafeteria at HBS. Among other things, it had baked apple on It, which I didn't like. I also remember tracing letters to help me read-the Montessori System. - John J. Salesses, Vice President Emeritus

1948 I remember walking along the fence on a path next to Triggs golf course (at 10 yrs. old) with a little bag of Cheerios, and thinking it was the end of the world. I came back in the '60's to get my Masters and I brought a small bag of Cheerios to my degree ceremony. - Emmett J. Cotter, M.Ed. '67

1954 I arrived with Hurricane Carol in 1954. I approached the College and the janitor told me to come back in a couple of weeks-maybe the tide would subside. - Billie Ann Burrill, Professor Emerita

1964 I came to RIC as a high school student for my induction into the RI StateHonor society. The ceremony was held in the Auditorium at Roberts Hall.. and so my first memory is of the murals in Roberts Lobby and being awed by them as we lined up for the event. Little did I know how much time I would spend passing through that lobby in my "future years"! - Kathryn M. Sasso '69, Professional Staff

1973 My first memory came on my job interview (in April/May). I recall the Snack Bar in what is now the Art Center, but my best memory is of a beautiful Spring day with myriad students sitting on the wall and lawn in front of the library. - Peter Marks, Professor Economics & Finance

1984 Coming to the RIC track with my father. He used to jog around; the track and I would take many baby steps behind him. At the age of four, I already had a connection to remarkable. Many great memories followed. - Andrea DiCicco, President, Class of 2002

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