Common Name = Flowering Crabapple
Scientific Name = Malus sp.
Location = Alger Hall southwest walkway
Height = 21 feet (6.3m)
Trunk Circumference = 26 inches (0.66m)


Flowering crabapple trees produce masses of flowers which almost completely cover their branches in mid-spring before the leaves expand completely. A compact, yet spreading growth form makes them excellent small shade trees, and their abundant fruit provides winter food for many types of birds. Easy to grow and available in varieties from white to deep pink, flowering crabs are a favorite for all types of landscaping applications. This particular tree has a prominent setting at the junction of walkways between three of the original six Mt. Pleasant Campus buildings: Alger Hall, the Art Center, and Craig-Lee Hall. Thanks to the Class of 1961, members of the College community have benches to enjoy an afternoon snack from this choice vantage point, perhaps traditional tea and scones, or the more contemporary powerbar with a Poland Spring chaser.


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