Common Name = Colorado Blue Spruce
Scientific Name = Picea pungens
Location = President’s House front entrance
Height = 21 feet (6.3m)
Trunk Circumference = 29 inches (0.72m)



In light of its current widespread use as a landscape tree, it is surprising that the Colorado blue spruce was not discovered until 1862 in its native habitat along streams high in the Rocky Mountains. Its beautiful color and classic "Christmas tree" shape quickly led it to become one of the most popular choices at nurseries all over the country. Originally planted only about five feet outside of the back wall of the Walsh Center, this blue spruce stood in quite poor condition as the lone survivor after a fire completely destroyed the building in 1992. President Nazarian requested the tree be transplanted to its present site in front of the President’s House where special care and proper nutrition have allowed it to develop into a rather handsome specimen. Today, in addition to serving as the College’s holiday symbol each December, this special tree reminds us of Rhode Island College’s ultimate purpose – providing the appropriate nurturing and support so that each student may realize her or his unique potential.

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