Common Name = Norway Spruce
Scientific Name = Picea abies
Location = Recreation Center south parking lot
Height = 68 feet (20.4m)
Trunk Circumference = 109 inches (2.73m)


Although particularly abundant in Scandinavia, the Norway spruce is native throughout most of Europe. It remains the most important timber and pulpwood species on that continent and is Europe’s tallest native tree. A full pyramidal shape and graceful drooping branches make the Norway spruce a favored landscape plant all over the world. Located at the geographic midpoint of our East Campus, this tree is just northwest of the "Yellow Cottage." It is hoped that this historic (1890s) wood-frame building, once restored, will serve as a resource for the further study of child welfare and policy issues concerning children. The State Home and School Project, currently a centerpiece of the College’s Sesquicentennial, seeks to preserve the legacy of one of the oldest orphanages in the country.


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