Common Name = Northern Red Oak
Scientific Name = Quercus rubra
Location = Horace Mann Hall southeast lawn
Height = 80 feet (24m)
Trunk Circumference = 98 inches (2.46m)


Stately, comforting, and extremely useful, there are no more widely appreciated trees than oaks. Indeed, a recent national survey conducted by the National Arbor Day Society identified the oak as America’s favorite tree (there is legislation currently pending in Congress to officially designate the oak as the National Tree). Of eleven different oak species native to Rhode Island, the red oak is probably most commonly encountered in forests throughout the state. Its strong, colorful wood is favored for flooring and its fruit provides abundant food for wildlife. This particular red oak is one of the few remaining trees on the original forty-eight-acre Mt. Pleasant campus that predates the College’s arrival. In fact, sapient degree recipients received their diplomas under its substantial crown during outdoor graduation ceremonies held on the new campus in the early 1960s.

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