Common Name = Saucer Magnolia
Scientific Name = Magnolia x soulangeana
(formerly M. x soulangiana)
Location = Craig-Lee Hall southeast corner
Height = 48 feet (14.4m)
Trunk Circumference = 24 inches (0.6m)


In addition to spectacular spring flowers, the saucer magnolia carries an international pedigree. Created by a French retired military officer who crossed two Chinese magnolia species in the 1820s, this hybrid was first sold in the United States around 1832. In the previous century, the famous Swedish botanist Linnaeus selected the name "magnolia" for this genus to honor French botanist Pierre Magnol. Today, of over 80 species and 1,000 cultivars of magnolias worldwide, the saucer magnolia is probably the most popular. This specimen adorns an entrance to Craig-Lee Hall, one of our two original classroom buildings (and, with its tower addition completed in 1971, still one of the College’s primary classroom buildings). Students returning from spring break enjoy a magnificent show of color as they again climb the stairs of campus classroom buildings in pursuit of a College diploma.


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