Common Name = Arborvitae or Northern White Cedar
Scientific Name = Thuja occidentalis
Location = Henry Barnard School main entrance
Height = 58 feet (17.4m)
Trunk Circumference = 66 inches (1.65m)


A Rhode Island native tree, the arborvitae prefers wet habitats and its light, durable wood has long been the traditional choice for canoe frames. Its name means "tree of life" – the arborvitae is noted for its fragrance and medicinal powers. Since learning is the "life" of Rhode Island College, this group of arborvitae trees stands at a particularly appropriate site. These three sentinels have greeted each of the thousands of schoolchildren entering the Henry Barnard School (the College’s laboratory school) since 1958 as each child embarked on the formal aspect of their personal life of learning.

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