Common Name = Purple European Beech
Scientific Name = Fagus sylvatica
Location = Forman Center lawn (southeast corner)
Height = 92 feet (27.6m)
Trunk Circumference = 193 inches (4.83m)


Many arborists will say there is no more stately shade tree than the European beech. Surely this purple beech, with its wide spread and regal color, would support such claims. Seven first graders around (as measured by Pam Manninen’s class in June 2003), it has the greatest girth of any campus tree and is quite possibly our oldest tree as well. From its strategic position, this grand beech tree has undoubtedly welcomed each of the thousands of uprooted children that have spent part of their life in residence on the grounds of the Rhode Island State Home and School ­– Dr. Patrick I. O’Rourke Children’s Center from 1885 to 1979 (now Rhode Island College’s East Campus).

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