Welcome to the website of the RIC/AFT, the faculty association of Rhode Island College. We are made up of more than 360 full-time faculty members, and serve as the faculty voice on campus, in the community, and in the State.

Our elected officers are:

President: Quenby Hughes
Vice President: Erik Christiansen
Secretary: Rebecca Sparks
Treasurer: David Filipek

Executive Committee:
Karl Benziger
Rudy Kraus
Fran Leazes
Mike Parsons (ex officio)
Chris Teixeira
Joseph Zornado

Grievance Committee Chair: Elisa Miller
Assembly Chair: Mike Parsons

Please direct any questions or concerns to Quenby Hughes, at qhughes@ric.edu, or to any of the individuals named above. Please feel free to visit us in the RIC/AFT Office in Craig-Lee 229.

Our Objective

This Chapter, as a professional organization, unites members of the Rhode Island College faculty in a federation for mutual assistance in order to:


For any questions or concerns, contact Quenby Hughes or any of the other officers.

The RIC/AFT Office is located in Craig-Lee Hall, 2nd floor, Room 229.

Quenby Hughes, RIC/AFT President, available at various hours Monday thru Friday.

AFT Office Phone Number:  (401) 456-9842

AFT Office FAX Number:   (401) 456-8694