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The following is an outline of RIC benefits available to full-time continuing line or limited-term appointment  RIC/AFT employees (limited benefits are available for temporary non-renewal appointments).  This summary  is provided for informational purposes only.   Actual plan documents and collective bargaining agreements govern.  Benefits available may differ depending on date of hire, date of birth, appointment, tax implications, etc.

MEDICAL, DENTAL AND VISION INSURANCE No waiting period effective at time of hire.  All employees may elect to be covered under United Health Care, Dental and/or Vision Service Plan.  Faculty will be charged a pre-tax (unless otherwise elected) biweekly cost-share through payroll deduction based on salary and level of coverage elected as follows:

Waiver Option:  If medical coverage is available under another group, employees may waive coverage and receive an annual medical reimbursement of $2,002 ($77 per pay period of participation - prorated for new participants) less applicable income taxes.  (May also waive dental and/or vision coverage does not affect waiver reimbursement)  Subsequent changes in coverage may be made during open enrollment.

SICK TIME ACCRUALS Sick:  15 working days per (fiscal) year to maximum accrual of 120 working days (limited-term employees may not carry-over time to a new appointment; temporary employees do not earn sick time.) LEAVES (not available for temporary positions)

Maternity, Parental and Family Leave:  Shall be granted in compliance with applicable statutes; 6 weeks paid leave may be granted; may use accrued sick leave or leave without pay for additional time.

Bereavement Leave:  Three days paid leave for death in the immediate family.

Military Training Leave:  Not more than 15 paid working days in any one calendar year; additional unpaid time may be granted.

Military Leave:  After 180 calendar days of employment within 12-month period may apply for military leave without pay for duration of service; expires 6 months after date of discharge.

Jury Duty:  Granted for period of such leave; paid leave less jury duty pay

Leave Without Pay:  may be granted up to year; normally limited to 1 year.

Sabbatical Leave:  After 6 years of continuous service, sabbatical leave for up to 1 year (2 semesters) at half-pay or 6 months (1 semester) at full-pay may be granted; return to duties for at least 2 academic years following leave.

Leave for Graduate Study:  After 3 years of service, graduate study leave for either 1 year (2 semesters) or half-year (1 semester) at one-quarter for either period may be granted; return to position equivalent of 1 year for each half year of leave following leave.  
BASIC GROUP LIFE INSURANCE  & OPTIONAL LIFE INSURANCE Both plans are voluntary and are provided by the Aetna Life Insurance Company (not available for temporary appointments).

Basic coverage - one time basic annual salary. Cost is $.1934 per $1000 of coverage per pay period.

Optional coverage one time basic annual salary.  Cost is $.0277 - .6129 (based on age) per $1000 of coverage per pay period.

LONG-TERM DISABILITY INSURANCE   Full-time (continuing or limited-term)with one-year of service employees over age 30 are eligible.  RIC pays the full cost.  If disabled, after 6-month waiting period, monthly benefit equals to 60% of monthly wage base and a monthly annuity premium benefit equals 14% of monthly wage base credited to the Retirement Account.

RETIREMENT ACCOUNT (RA) (403(b) Defined Contribution Plan) Eligible employees must contribute 5% (tax-sheltered) of gross base salary; College contributes 9%; additional voluntary non-matching tax-sheltered contributions may be made. (temporary employees are not eligible.) Supplemental Retirement Account (SRA) (403(b) Defined Contribution Plan): available for voluntary non-matching tax-sheltered contributions. 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan:  available for voluntary non-matching tax-sheltered contributions.

AFLAC FLEX ONE PLAN/CAFETERIA PLAN All of the following programs are voluntary; applicable costs are paid by the employee. Cancer Expense Protection Personal Short-Term Disability (Income Protection Insurance)Child or Dependent Care Assistance Program:  Dependent Care Assistance Program is a Flexible Spending Account that allows employees to pay for qualified dependent care expenses with tax-free dollars - up to $5,000 each calendar year.  Pre-tax Options (Salary Redirection): Premiums paid for medical, life, cancer, hospital or dependent care through payroll deductions, may be elected on a pre-tax basis.OTHER BENEFITS AND SERVICES AVAILABLE Tuition Waiver:  Eligible employees receive unlimited free tuition (only) at RIC, CCRI & URI. Spouses and legal dependents are also eligible for free tuition at the baccalaureate level only

Service Recognition Policy Annual awards are presented for 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years of service.

Signature Legal Care Plan: Voluntary plan.
Cost to employees:  Individual $2.68, Family $3.58.

Campus Store:  Discount available to employees purchasing textbooks or other items. 

Payroll Direct Deposit:  Available through any financial institution.

R. I. Credit Union:  Payroll savings available.

U. S. Savings Bonds:  Series EE or Series I Bonds - Available through payroll deductions.


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